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We Protect your Privacy

Respecting your Privacy is one of the foundations of our business.

This Policy applies to any and all information provided by the Consumer (“You”) to Debt Angels.

At Debt Angels your privacy is important to us and we will protect your information at all costs, where reasonably possible. When accessing our services via the internet you need to provide Debt Angels with specific information. The information you provide to us is private and we use that information to assist you in accessing our services. All the information provided by you is important to us and we would not want anyone else to access or alter the information we have about you! Debt Angels will maintain the integrity your information and if you are unsure about anything in this policy, please contact us without any hesitation.

We have taken certain precautions to protect the information you provide to us and would like to inform you of what you should be careful of and where you should think about the choices you make when giving out your information. The Debt Angels website has numerous security measures in place to protect against the loss, amendment or abuse of information under our control.

When you access our services via the Debt Angels Website (“Our Website”) we will need prescribed personal information from you to be able to provide our caring service to you. Debt Angels will only collect information that is necessary, and the required private information may depend on the need(s) of the transaction between you and Debt Angels. Your information will be used solely by us to deliver our service to you.

Any and all information used by Debt Angels comes from you, the Consumer, is provided voluntarily by you and is gathered by Our Website as this is the location at where you request to use our services or access our services.

At Debt Angels we want to be able to respond to your specific needs and our website makes use of “Cookies” to keep track of your activities on Our Website. This enables us to see where you spend your time on Our Website and may show us specific needs you may have. A “Cookie” is a small data file written onto the storage of your device by Our Website. The “Cookie” stores information about your visits to Our Website and can be deleted by you at any time. The only personal information stored will be information provided specifically by you.

Our firm complies, as far as is reasonably possible, to all South African and International Norms and Legislation in connection with the protection of Private Information.

Information of Children

Debt Angels does not request any private information on children. Our Website is however open to all Consumers and does not contain any specific add-in to screen users in order to determine their age before allowing access. Consequently, it is not possible for us to screen any information pertaining to, or provided by, children.

Third-Party Links

Other service providers may, from time to time, be authorised to place Third-Party “links” on the Debt Angels website. Please be aware that where you click or follow any such “link” provided by a Third-Party on the Debt Angels website, Debt Angels has no control over the security and privacy measures implemented by these sites. Therefore, Debt Angels will not accept any liability whatsoever for the privacy policies of any Third-Party sites or the treatment of information provided by you

Our firm complies, as far as is reasonably possible, to all South African and International Norms and Legislation in connection with the protection of Private Information.


All the information provided by you to us remains yours and in no way ever becomes the property of Debt Angels. You will always have the final choice in how information obtained from you will be used by Debt Angels. You have the choice to opt in or out of any information collected or distributed. You can access and delete your information from our records, except insofar as such records may be required for statutory reporting compliance.

Any new information created and/or compiled from the personal information provided will be the exclusive property of Debt Angels and Consumers will not be privy to such information. All specific personal information of the Consumer is excluded hereunder.

The Consumer hereby Consents to his/her personal information provided herein to be used by Debt Angels to deliver the intended service to the Consumer as requested.

Debt Angels
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